Welcome to my world of Fine Arts and Professional Artists.  I have brought together some of the best representatives of art of our time.  My artists are extremely diverse in media, technique and philosophy.


You will find some of the best neo-realism, abstract, street, 2D, 3D, beautiful, social commentary, confrontational, literary to symbolic art that exists.  These artists express themselves using  various media. All are in important collections throughout the world. Besides their artistic vision they have traveled extensively. So their palettes are global.  The art you find on this site and these artists are inspired and influenced by great traditions and masters like KURT Schwitters, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Man Ray,  Willem de Kooning, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, David Hockney, Henry Moore to name a few. For some of these artists it is music. Others draw on the word in its various forms. Some bring us light and sound in rhythmic moments captured in their media. These are the visions of true artists that see life from a different perspective. As Jean Cocteau would said they are taking us to the other side of the mirror. What you see is new is intended to  engage you, evoke emotion and leave you changed.


It is my intent to introduce you to the art and answer any of your questions. Some artists will take commissions and some will be willing to have exhibitions in appropriate venues that I curate. In our Modern Masters you will find original works of Nicolais Benois, Lucien Clergue, Philip Halsman,  Eugene Berman, Pavel Tchelitchew, Pablo Picasso, Mikhail  Larionov, Christian Berard, Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky and Jean Cocteau.



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While living in Paris the young Tony Clark's godmother Tamara Toumanova and Jean Mariais was introduced to all the performing and visual arts. He became a dancer,  choreographer, director and producer of ballets, operas, plays, films and theater. Then his Fine Arts gallery Arts of the Theatre which led him to curate French exhibitions internationally. The French government awarded him a knighthood as Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, in recognition of his curation and organizing exhibitions, and in keeping the French arts alive.


Clark has served on the boards of the following organizations: International Conference of Museums, American Association of Museum Directors, The National Museum Review Committee, The French Heritage Society, The National Historical Preservation Society, American Museum Association, Japan American Society, The Shoah Foundation of Visual History, Art in Public Places, Change A Life Foundation, Multiplex Dance and The Hollywood Arts Council.

As a lecturer and expert of French Art from 1864 to 1950 he had given speeches and interviews globally. Renown featured guest in several educational videos and television shows. Also an educator, he started the first Arts Program for the Unified School District of Irvine California. Also, with the Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles he conducted classes for children at Barnsdall Art Park and Theater.


Chevalier Clark continues as a Fine Arts consultant. In this capacity he builds private, corporate and museum collections.  He represents and manages  choice contemporary artists that work in the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan. As an art critic his works can be found in many printed and on line publications.


Clark curated different retrospectives of the work of Jean Cocteau and his contemporaries that toured throughout Japan to Eastern Europe.  Clark was the keynote speaker for the dedication of the Jean Cocteau Collection de Musee Menton, France. Currently, he is devoted to charities that include the Hollywood Arts Council’s Project S.O.A.R., Anti-Bullying Foundation B.A.R.E. Los Angeles Music Center’s Dance and Opera Outreach Programs, LIGHTS CAMERA CURE for research for Pediatric Cancer, Picture Me Happy for children with terminal illnesses in hospitals and The PEW Trusts.

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