The Art of William Emboden

The Art of William Emboden



William Emboden Ph.D., F.L.S.


William Emboden has published seven books, coauthored two others, and is the sole author of two hundred and fifty articles. He has served as professor of biology in two California universities. His five year Presidential Appointment at Harvard University and lectureships at UCLA and Oxford University are a part of a distinguished academic career during which he was awarded Outstanding Professor.


During his undergraduate studies at Purdue and Indiana Universities he studied painting and printmaking. He was in group and several one man shows before graduate school at UCLA. There he became a Leonardo da Vinci scholar under the aegis of Carlo Pedretti and Kate Stienitz who artistically collaborated with Kurt Schwitters. Stienitz was the first and true Mama of DaDa.


Emboden’s foray in to art began with his early, meticulous, botanical drawings. His talent led him to create by employing a variety of media. His studies with two leading European artists -- an Italian and a German -- his appreciation of ancient scripts and global museum visits open ed his mind to a wide concept of art and artistic methods.

His expansive interests and artistic techniques have culminated in internationally acclaimed art exhibitions. Privately collected, he is enjoying his quiet celebrity.


This book explores and touches on his many endeavors. It is the first work to treat Emboden’s artistic talents as a true marriage of poetry and science. This book is a revelation of the great diversity of his art and the new language with which he creates.





THE ART OF WILLIAM EMBODEN is the second in the Artists Series published by Premium Modern Art, Germany.  This quality production was laid out, printed and spot varnished on high stock under the aegis of Crash Paper Art Book Printing. The book is hardcover, cloth bound with Emboden's secret language embossed in gold.


I am taking the reader in a journey into the mind of this multi-faceted artist. His art is his poetry and very much akin to Jean Cocteau. However, his poetry molts into differ forms of music, ancient forms of calligraphy, sculpture and collage. Step into the mirror, feel the music rhythms, be open to new communications, explore life above and under the sea. Welcome to the Emboden World.


Chevalier Tony Clark



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The Art of William Emboden

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